Who are the real masterminds behind the Kibria assassination- Dr. Reza Kibria


Mridubhashan Report:: Statement by Dr. Reza Kibria  "The much-delayed framing of the charge sheet in the murder case of Shah A. M. S. Kibria in the Speedy Trial Tribunal in Sylhet represents only the initiation of the trial process, more than a decade after the crime.


What is important is that the real masterminds behind the assassination are identified. We hope that during the course of the trial the names of all those involved in the killing are identified through the testimony of witnesses and those named in the charge sheet. We now believe that there will eventually be an opportunity to include the key plotters of the attack in the charge-sheet. The investigation has been incomplete due to pressure from various political interests. We hope that the trial can proceed without hindrance or delay and that due process is followed so that the guilty parties are correctly identified for punishment under the laws of this country. "