Woman with a Parasol

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Editor’s Choice: A Selection of Important Works of Art

This section introduces readers to a selection of great works of art, primarily paintings of the Western World. The works chosen include some personal favourites, others which are well-known or influential in some way and yet others representative of a particular school of art. The impact of a work of art is of course many times greater when the original is seen. If possible readers should try to visit the galleries and museums housing these priceless treasures

“Woman with a Parasol”, Claude Monet, 1875, oil on canvas, 100x81 cm, National Gallery of Art, Washington D.C.

One of the founders of Impressionism, Monet liked painting outdoors (en plein air) as he believed it was essential to capture the mood and ambience of the setting. Although not a “typical” Monet (many of Monet’s paintings were of his garden at Giverny, with the Japanese bridge and water lilies) Woman with a Parasol is a striking informal study of Madame Monet with her son out walking in a windy day in Argenteuil. The figures are set against a bright azure, cloud-streaked sky, with an unusual upwards perspective.  It was painted outdoors, probably in the space of a few hours.