Prediction or Precaution – Actually Where Are We Going?


Nasifa Tasnim ::
Relation is such a word that signifies a lot of things within a minute. The relation with the parents of a child is the beginning to illustrate the ranges to the motherland, language, culture, history etc. This relation teaches a child how to cope up, how to talk with others, how to be a patriot, how to be a part of society. Society also indulges the blessings of having a relation with the relatives, neighbors, and friends. When that infant steps outside and admits into a school, teachers, books, classmates, best friends give hundred directions to be socialized. They also teach ethics and morals. If you take a look at the books of NCTB, there are wonderful morals printed on the back of the covers. But the melancholic thing is- most of the students ignore it. A few maybe noticed. These morals become out of the sight with the protection covering with pages of calendar, or brown paper. After the final examination, either these books are donated or torn in pieces. Or they are ended up in the factory of ‘Kagojer Thonga’. These morals, letters exhale their last breath after pleasing human demands. When the child grows up, these morals start fading away on the pressure of hush reality. Depression, frustration, drugs, suicide tendency plants germinate with black-hooked brunches. Corruptions, conspiracy, callousness, lie sprouts and slowly attacks morality. And the result is now crystal clear to all- the fall of humanity. This is happening now in this universe. Peace, kindnesses are transferred to ICU – they are in the monitoring of so-called ‘doctors’. Whenever I start reading the newspaper, these elements are roaming around so bravely that I scared and do not try to screw up anyway. Not only in the newspaper but also social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter- all are scrambling news feeds. Though it sounds pathetic but it is true- we lose patience, self- esteem every day. We want to shut the damnation but we cannot. We want to introduce something new but we fail. We want to live with love but we cannot. Why this failure? Why do not we indulge effort to reconstruct the bridge between the morality and reality? Why this procrastination?

If these black spots spread faster, maybe this nation will be distracted, dehumanization will rule. Human will be more devastative, more aggressive that the world never thinks to imagine. So let us not imagine a gigantic world full of sorrows and cruelty, it is time to direct the nation to reconnect them in morality.