Acute water crisis in East Badda


Staff Correspondent:Residents of the East Badda in the capital have been facing acute water crisis for the last six months because of work for new pipeline installation.

Some residents get foul water too dirty to drink supplied by the Dhaka Water Supply and Sewerage Authority through old pipeline, while some get water supply for few hours a day through the new pipeline.

Residents alleged that in this scorching summer, filthy and foul water was causing severe health hazards and the water supply agency took no measure to solve the crisis despite repeated complaints.

‘Sometimes water is supplied at 3:00 am or 3:30am and then we have to collect water in each and every utensil,’ said Sathi, a resident of Tekpara.

She also said that from time to time the residents lodged complaints about water crisis with the water supply agency, but got no result.
‘The water we get at our house is not drinkable as mosquito larvae come out with yellowish and foul water,’ Halima Khatun, a resident of Sahabuddiner Mor said, adding that she had to spend money to collect drinking water.

In Rupnagar area, shop keeper Shah Alam said, ‘We do not get water through the new pipeline installed by the authorities. Few houses get water from the new pipeline and others collect water from those houses.’
He alleged that his kids had diarrhoea four times in one month because of inadequate and poor quality of water.

Used utensils and clothes were seen dumped here and there in Raihan villa. Housewife Sitara Banu said that there was none to solve the water crisis in the area.

‘Children cannot take a proper shower because of lack of water and we have to buy breakfast from nearby restaurants,’ she said.

East Badda Old Jame Mosque muezzin Abdul Halim said, ‘When people face water crisis, they come to mosque for water, but it is very unfortunate that there is no water in the mosque for the last six months.’

‘Sometimes water is supplied and then we preserve it…If the authorities do not solve the crisis, it will be impossible for us to manage the situation in the upcoming Ramadan,’ he said.

He said that there was no water crisis in the area before the installation of the new pipeline.

Water supply agency pump operator Motiur said that people from Panchtala Majar Road, Teshpara and Rupnagar come to the pump house for water. There is no problem with the pump, he added.

He said ‘I have informed Dhaka WASA officials and project officials but they did not give any satisfactory answer’.

Dhaka WASA engineer Razia Sultana said that after the completion of the project the problem would be solved.

Water is being supplied through new pipeline to some houses where new pipelines have already been installed, she said, adding that water was being supplied to the other houses through the old pipelines which were completely damaged by illegal water connections and foul and dirty objects entered the old pipelines when there was low pressure of water.

Razia said that it would take three more months to complete the pipeline installation in the area.