When sorrow comes

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Raydah Jahin::  I’m drowning. I’m speechless. No one is hearing my request. After sometime, I will sleep forever. I have only a few times. Why did it happen? If I did not go by launch,  I would not have to be died like this way. What an unlucky mind is mine! Before a while I was cheerful. I was chattering with others. But due to overloading and storm in the river, I have to make myself asleep forever.

One day, I may wake, but my memories will be empty then. I am not worrying about my life. I am anxious about the authority. Only in Bangladesh, maximum time such kind of accident occurs. What are the measures? Do not we have any responsibilities? Right now I want to cry out loud and to order death of those for whom lives of people like us are going away through river. Suddenly, my thought was disturbed by a piece of wood. I caught it tight and waited for the rescue team. Time passed by. Sun sets and again rises. I am floating at some position. My desire to live is decreasing with this. With the waves of river, at last I came to a place full of greens.

With hunger and tiredness I put up myself slowly and walked. I found fruits hanging. Eating some, I filled up my stomach. I started searching people and stumbled over a snake. Fear from all around , gathered towards me. I was thinking, after sorrow happiness comes. But why it’s not happening in case of mine! I became busy in saving my life. After a strong hardship, I was able to cross the danger. What a frightening situation it was! I was upset with the communication and development of networks in Bangladesh, seeing none in the land. I was so unhappy seeing such condition from that time. I determined to develop our country. However, after few days I was rescued. But, I did not forget my promise. Till now, I work as a patriot and try to develop my sweet Bangladesh by hook or by crook.