Christina’s World


Dr. Reza Kibria ::
Editor’s Choice: A Selection of Important Works of Art

This section introduces readers to a selection of great works of art, primarily paintings of the Western World. The works chosen include some personal favourites, others which are well-known or influential in some way and yet others representative of a particular school of art. The impact of a work of art is of course many times greater when the original is seen. If possible readers should try to visit the galleries and museums housing these priceless treasures

“Christina’s World”, Andrew Wyeth, 1948, tempera on panel, Museum of Modern Art, New York

Andrew Wyeth (1917-2009) painted scenes from around his home in Pennsylvania and his summer home in Maine. This painting movingly depicts the life-struggle of a young girl he and his wife knew who had been stricken in childhood with polio, a disease which resulted in muscular deterioration that paralyzed her lower body. The young woman raises herself to gaze at her home in the distance. Her disability is not immediately obvious – only when one notices the fragility of her arms does one realize her plight.  Anna Christina Olson (1893-1968) lived out her life in that house. It is said she was unaware of the fact that this image was carved on the national psyche as it became one of the best-known of Wyeth’s paintings and an icon of modern American art.