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সোমবার, ১১ অক্টোবর ২০২১, ০৯:২০ অপরাহ্ন

The Deepening Covid-19 Crisis

Dr. Kamal Hossain & Dr. Reza Kibria : The impact of the Corona virus pandemic on people’s lives and livelihood has been immense. The mismanagement of the Government has not helped. The official lockdown was delayed to the last week of March, even though the W.H.O. declared a Global Pandemic on March 11. As early as January 30th the W.H.O. had raised the alarm, declaring Covid-19 a Public Health Emergency of International Concern. This should have given enough time for a properly coordinated national response.

Even today testing is very low compared to other nations and there is a lack of trust in official statistics on the number of infections and virus-related deaths. A delayed and loose “general holiday” has caused great hardship while failing to contain the virus. Millions of workers have lost their livelihoods. Due to corruption and inefficiency the poor and vulnerable have received very little of the money spent in their name.

In this context the Government’s decision to lift the lockdown against the advice of their National Technical Advisory Committee has caused widespread concern, particularly as the number of cases appears to be rising.  The lack of sufficient testing and the mismanagement of the health sector has compounded the problem. The failure to provide doctors and health staff with proper protective equipment needs to be rectified quickly. How is the Government gearing up the health system for the anticipated rise in the number of cases?

Those who have placed themselves in charge of this nation will one day have to answer to the people for their multiple failures at this time of national crisis. The Government must now do what it can to gain the respect and confidence of our citizens.

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